The following kind words were provided from past listeners. Thank you so much to everyone for taking the time to relay your experiences. If you'd like to provide a testimonial, please just send me an email to:




Michael's playing has the ability to put me into a mystical and altered state of mind. Very cool!!! Thank you Michael for sharing your musical talents ...Larry M.

As an eye surgeon, I strive for a very calm and relaxing environment in the operating room.  The patient needs a peaceful and non-stressful experience.  Michael's music when played in the operating room enhances the calming experience.  I highly recommend it to induce a relaxing ambiance. Dr. S.G.


"Michael McCabe's Acoustic Christmas is the first holiday CD I listen to. I especially like his arrangement of Happy Xmas (War is Over)!" Doug Smith: Grammy Award winning Guitarist


"Michael McCabe played for my son's wedding back in August of 2012. His music created an ambiance of true elegance to the entire affair, not only the actual wedding ceremony itself but to the reception afterwards. Our guests were "blown away" at Michael's consummate skill as a musician and his ability to play music across several genres. We had upbeat and favorable comments from virtually all age groups. I could not be more proud to recommend Michael McCabe to any and all who have an event that they would like to add exceptional acoustic guitar music to, as well as a touch of class and elegance!"
Steve and Kim B.


Greetings Michael! Thanks for making our wedding night one that I will never forget. I received numerous compliments on the overall genuine feeling of our reception. Most of all is due to well played music, in my personal opinion. Thanks again, Sam


Hello Michael- I want to personally thank you again for being part of our wedding. The music was beautiful, perfectly timed and created the most warm and wonderful environment. "Here Come The Sun" will always make me tear up now! If I can ever serve a reference for you, please let me know! Best-Monet Sam and Monet


We were married in a family home over the Thanksgiving holiday. Michael's music and presence surpassed all of our expectations! Many of our guests commented how much they enjoyed his music. It was a very special addition to our celebration. Michael was professional and accomodating to work with at every step of our planning process. His calm presence was a pleasure be around the day of the wedding as well. I highly recommend Michael to anyone considering beautiful guitar music for their event.
Lisa and Tony M.


Michael showed up on time and brought several guitars, effects, and a wireless setup. He also learned a special song for our wedding that made it that much more special. I would highly recommend him. Mike and Rebecca S.


Carl and I want to thank you all for coming to our fund raising music night. We raised almost U$400.00! and still some friends wants to help! Like we said: Party is fun , but party with a purpose is even better! Thank you for your support and remember what the Lord says: "It is more blessed to give than to receive" act 20:35. We had a wonderful time, thank you for coming and supporting Thiago's therapy for few months and lets get together again after our trip, we will love to show you the pictures and share about it! Have a great weekend! carinho Inez and Carl 


Great selection, great playing, and great presence. What more can we say! Everything was just perfect. Now you can add the Rose Garden (Portland, Or) to your venues. Thanks again. Thomas W.



Dear Michael, Tom and I wish to thank you again for a very important part of our son's wedding. Some of our guests are still talking about how beautifully you played-we agree! Everything that you did from the choices of songs to your flawless artistry was Perfect! Thank you! sincerely Tom and Kathleen W. August 6, 2007


I'm about due to order some more CD's from you. Reminded as I have tears in my eyes just from listening to your work. I tell you... right now I am listening to Mattonya as I work. It will always be one of my all-time favorite songs that seems to cut to the heart of eliciting emotion. It is a musical portrayal of all that is good, innocent and emotional in most any images in my mind or on my screen! Thanks for your inspiration.
Stan G.


Michael was great. We booked him through GigMasters without any other references. He really made the ambiance warm and intimate at our Mother's memorial service. We got lots of complements for his playing. He was very accommodating. We would use him again in a heart beat.
Melissa and Dave D.


Good afternoon, Michael, Just wanted to send on some reviews from my kindergarten class on your CD, Beyond Words that I purchased in February. Each day we listen to instrumental music to help us focus and write in our journals. Recently I have played your CD quite a bit and asked the kids what they thought. We have 28 students in our class and here are some of their comments: "It's cool!" "It's good music." "It has good music." "My brother is going to take guitar lessons." (?? Yes, they are only 5 and 6 so sometimes want to tell a story!) "It's very good music. The beat feels like its good music." "I like the guitar music." "It's great music!" "He's playing beautiful. I want to listen to hear it all the time." Many of the children said it is good music. It was a great investment for me to purchase it to use in my classroom. Thanks for making beautiful, great, awesome music!
Gina Schuermyer


I very much LOVE the new CD "Acoustic Christmas! I was not much into classical/acoustic music until I met Michael and listened to him play, and now I find myself sometimes impatiently waiting for his next CD to reach the shelves! I work as a receptionist and play Michael's music in the lobby. People always comment on how they like the music. I am now and will continue to tell people about his music. THANKS MICHAEL! And congratulations on the new addition to your CD family!!!Samantha M.


Michael was incredible. Every aspect of his performance was at the highest level. The guests all loved him and I would definatly recommend him for any function. Thank you. Bradley M


Michael performed for his wedding reception: Michael McCabe is one of the most talented and competent guitar players I have ever engaged. He has a wide repertoire, ranging through pop, rock, Spanish, classical and some of his own compositions and transcriptions. He played requests ranging from Beatles (Here Comes the Sun) to "Requeros" (probably the most difficult guitar composition ever written). His personality was as engaging as his music - he interacted very well with the guests, and was neither unapproachable nor pushy. He played all the requests that were made. To finish, he gave me one of his CD's - a thoughtful touch for a wedding performer! I will request him again, should an occasion arise, and have no reservations in recommending him for someone who needs quiet, thoughtful background music, or even some of that modern, noisy stuff. P. Wilson


Michael was absolutely the perfect fit for our wedding music. He played during both the ceremony and the reception. He performed a great range of music and we got a lot of compliments from guests on his playing. Michael fit in perfectly and made the music portion of our wedding go very smoothly without us having to worry about anything. I would definitely recommend Michael to anyone who is looking for great guitar music for a wedding or other event. Thanks so much Michael!!! Chad and Linda


What a great day we had. Thank you for the perfect (wedding and reception) music - you did a great job. Sincerly, Jeremiah and Anna


I have been using your music for Yoga classes in the past. Love them! This CD "Windows" is ideal for background music while we bend and stretch. Thank you so much. P.S. I keep hoping you'll conduct a show/concert at the New Seasons Cafe in Ridgefield, Wa. Trudy Huff-Massage Therapist


So, we're listening to your CD samples, and um... Ohmygod! We had NO idea! We're both very passionate about music, and we want you to bring a copy of each of your CD's to the wedding, PLEASE! We'll pay, definitely. Oh and COULD YOU SIGN 'EM??? We are very excited about having you and your talent at the wedding! Heart, Body and Soul
Meridith and Peter


Michael is not only a gifted and talented musician and performer but also an extraordinary producer as well. His ability to translate someone else’s ideas or vision into musical reality is nothing short of genius. Not only does he possess technical expertise in the studio, but also the people skills so necessary for this type of work. His patience, flexibility and enthusiasm are amazing. While he is definitely a professional who is committed to his craft, he is also extremely personable, really down to earth, and maintains a lighthearted playfulness that puts you at ease. He generously shares his vast knowledge, experience and ability, but always manages to stays true to the artist’s vision. I would encourage anyone who has a project that they want professionally produced to work with Michael. People are constantly amazed at the professional quality of the projects that Michael has produced for me. In fact, I’m amazed myself! I never thought in a million years that I could make an CD, but with Michael’s help it was not only easy, it was a truly rewarding experience. Rob Marshall-Singer/Songwriter


A voice message after listening to the "Amor" CD.*** HI Michael, This is James. Listen, very nice recording. I really enjoyed your arrangements especially. Very well done, covered the piece quite well and you made the pieces your own. I really enjoyed the album so thank you again for it. My mother will like to hear to hear it as well so I'm going to lend it to her. I hope she doesn't confiscate it. (laugh) Thank you for the CD, Michael. We'll keep in touch. James Mauelle-Classical Guitarist


"Artist at Work" Foot keeping time with the rhythm. Fingers moving as if by magic on guitar strings that sing to tunes long forgotten. Evoking happy feelings and fond memories of events from the past and soaring towards future happenings both small and great. With different styles of music Michael brings out the rich nuances of musical forms pleasing ones musical palette. And leaving one longing to hear more from such a talented artist. Thanks Michael! October 14, 2005, Borders Books of Vancouver. Lavern and Shelly P.


-- for the website, which is a pleasure; and for the fun time at the Ridgefield library last week. the looping, varied music selections which play on your site make for a fine, relaxing atmosphere while we are at the computer. Steve and Gail G. in La Center


We have hundreds of CD’s but few on the computer. Of all CD’s our favorite is “Amor.” As a matter of fact Down Mexico Way is playing right now. Thanks Michael

Lou and Betty L. (Voice mail) Hi Michael, this is Rita, Don and I just can't thank you enough for such a special evening. It was exquisite. Everything. The music was just (pause) it made the evening go over the top. Everyone is a buzz this morning just talking about your music. I just thank you so much for playing and here you didn't even know us and you just stepped forward and that was so awesome. I was wondering if we could get some of your business cards cause we have some other events coming up that we would love to have you be a part of. They're coming up this spring and summer. And thank you again, Merry Christmas. Just received your new business cards -- thank you so much. Again, you were the sparkle at our party!! Rita and Don D.


Michael's music touches your soul. We can't keep it in the store. We use it for radio advertising. The gentaland peacefull quality helps lift you into the angelic realm. Gayle Salliotte, Positive Thought Bookstore, Portland, Or.


...not only did the music of Michael McCabe stir my heart with its variations and texture, rhythm and simplicity, his sense of joy permiated my entire being and left me wanting more. (from one of Michaels live concerts.) Jeff Williams, KGON, Portland. Or.


Very soothing and relaxing music. I love it and my autistic son uses it to go to sleep with every night, he won't sleep without it. (Pretend Dreams:Meeting CD) R.M. Fairbanks, Alaska


It's something to savor every moment and every emotion. I get romantic. It's real inspiring to me. Something to share with a friend. (Letters To A Friend CD)


Ron Preskey, KMHD fm, Portland, Or. It's a delightful experience that will take you on a peacefull and enchanted journey. (Letters To A Friend CD) Suzi at Centewrgeez, Portland, Or.


...very enlightening. The acoustic guitar is very nice. (Letters To A Friend CD) Pat Louie, KTUH fm, Honolulu, HA.


Nice! (Letters To A Friend CD) Teresa O'Hara WNMC, Traverse City, MI (Recording client)


I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time for helping me accomplish this goal I have had for so long. It feels good to have it done! I had a lot of fun... Tricia H.


A good album. (Letters to a Friend CD) I would like to hear more of Michael McCabe.
Scott Raymond, WVRK, Poughkeepsie, NY


Our best selling music...most relaxing music we offer. Journey's Books, Beaverton,m Or.


I play Michael McCabe's music to accompany my massage work. My patients and I are soothed and uplifted-a good combination for both of us. The stress of daily life are gently washed away as his music transforms us to a place of restoration. Muriel Jane Owens LMT,HHP


Michael, Thanks again for playing at the AIA Vancouver Holiday party! We all thoroughly enjoyed your music. Sincerely, Don L.


Thank you so much for playing your wonderful music for us on our wedding day. It was amazing. Our family enjoyed you as much as we did. Thank you also for the CD's. We love them and are so happy to have them. It was great meeting you at Cannon Beach. It was a beautiful day. Thanks again. Take care, Josh and Sarah R.


Thanks for helping me get through my songs your a great Teacher. Mike J.


Just a line to tell you that I played bass for a 24 year old guitar player here at Van Mall. It was a talent show and we won first place-blue ribbons and all. We played Jambalya. Ron arranged it we soloed back and forth. He sang it and people loved it. Just two chords in it but it sounded like more with my walking bass. I owe this all to you. Thanks. your olde student, Lois Rigg-P.S. I'm still in the band at the Luepke Senior Center. Lois Rigg


Thank you so much for the pleasure you provided our patrons and staff!- at our Hometown Celebration Open House. Personally, I've especially been enjoying your "Windows" CD, as I'm working after everyone's gone and I'm finishing paper work and planning. Very enjoyable! Ridgefield Community Library


Michael was a truly superb addition to our wedding. As a college-trained guitarist of almost 20 years myself, I was extremely impressed with Michael's repertoire, musicianship, and passion for the music he plays. He also went above and beyond to make sure the wedding went smoothly, taking care of many details so the wedding party could stay focused on the event. The music provided both during the service and at the reception was excellent and many of our guests commented on his skill and his excellent personality. I would hire Mr. McCabe again without hesitation and wholeheartedly recommend him for any event needing a high quality musician with a great work ethic and a professional yet friendly personality. Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Wendland


Thank you for the wonderful entertainment at our wedding! You were a big hit with all our friends! We really appreciate your professionalism, flexibility and great talent! Mike and Jen


Michael perform at Lower Columbia College on May 31st 2005 12:00-1:30pm at our 2nd annual Intercultural Week celebration. There was a good showing of students who came to see Michael''s Celtic music performance. Many students had comment to me that they really enjoy his music and that it brought a different sound on campus. Michael was professional in his performance and we would not hesitate to bring him back should we need a performer for our event. Kassondra Farra


I had the pleasure and honor of listening to you play last Saturday afternoon at John's in Vancouver. I have heard your music and have one of your CD's but never put the music and the person together. Not only does your music mesmerize the listener but watching you play placed me "inside of your floating fingers" (don't laugh). This is another way of saying I "felt" your music as if I could be playing the song. You are fantastic and am looking forward to Light Out 9 CD as well as hopefully seeing you in concert. Thanks again for the honor. Darlene Kerr


I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how much we are looking forward meeting you and enjoying your wonderful music at our wedding reception on August 20th at the Heathman. We purchased two of your CD's - "Amor" and "Beyond Words", as well as the KINK "Light's Out 9" disc. We really like your work and style and have played your discs many times during dinner parties or as background for whatever we're doing. It's just great stuff - soothing and beautiful. It's going to be the perfect backdrop for the reception! (This is what they said after the reception.) He was the perfect entertainment for our reception. He made great music selections and took requests from our guests. Many guests commented on his talent and music. He played at just the right volume for the size of our room. You could hear him perfectly but he didn't overwhelm the space. Michael is awesome and I wish him great success with future events.Roger and Josette


Love your new site! Chace has been practicing everyday! Unlike homework! Thanks for helping him find his passion. Dana Lyon


Mr. McCabe has performed at Borders Gresham Station several times here in early 2005, each time he has been well received. He does an excellent job both drawing an audience, as well as keeping them entertained. Chris Tyler Borders 436 Borders Books, Music, Video and Cafe


This is what David says about the "Amor" CD. they are so full of life. I like how you mix Latin strumming with fingerstyle bass and melody. The rasgueos add a lot of brilliance. You play with a great deal of feeling. David S.


Michael McCabe was truly a wonderful pick for our birthday party entertainment. He played a variety of instrumental music, all of which were very good. Many of our guests enjoyed the evening as Michael played on, he drew quite a crowd. He's friendly, extremely talented and a great person to get you through an evening of listening pleasure. I highly recommend him for all occasions, Renee S.


He played Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix, as I was walking down the aisle. Awesome- our wedding was a success and I contribute a huge amount toward Michael McCabe. The guests loved him, and even started singing to his jams! He was very accommodating, and professional. I would hire him again for a special function. Thank you Michael!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. and Mrs. Cole


"We have two boys, ages 10 and 8, who love to fall asleep each night to Michael's "Windows" CD. It is a wonderful way for them to relax while they read. I come back to their rooms in 10-15 minutes and they are fast asleep. I encourage all parents to try this with their kids!" Sheila Gurnsey


I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with your recent performance in our cafe. I can sum it up simply by saying the music was great and the cafe full of customers were happy. That's a perfect event for us. I wish you luck on your Borders Tour 2005 and would be happy to have you back in the future! Thanks, Pete Pudans General Manager Vancouver Borders Borders Books, Music, Video and Cafe


I enjoy your newsletters and I need to check because I don't have your latest album or may two latest albums. I enjoy listening to those I have. Very sooooooothing! My friend enjoyes hers too. Luella Bitz


We hired Michael McCabe for our wedding after listening to one of his performances. He was great to work with and was able to do everything we wanted. He provided the music for both the wedding and reception. He even performed an instrumental piece he had written for us. He’s an outstanding guitarist. We couldn’t have been more pleased. Denis and Tracy Davis


We were very pleased with the variety of music that Michael covered. He is an extremely skilled player. I had numerous comments after the party about how good he sounded. During a raffle we had Michael improvise as winners were announced and prizes given out. He did a great job with the various kids that were there who wanted to dance as well. All in all Michael's playing exceeded my expectations. Dan Swerbilov from SAS Institute Inc.


Michael was wonderful! We had a small, intimate family wedding reception and he provided the most beautiful guitar music for the cocktail hour and dinner music. He went to special lengths to make sure he played the music we requested and he was incredibly nice and accommodating. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants beautiful guitar music. He is VERY talented! Annette Travis